Snapper De Napoleon

If Fish Can Sing!

Snapper Fish Mediterraneo

A trip to paradise and back!

If you are a seafod lover, chances are that you’ve eaten red snapper. It is seafood at its best. Now, here comes, Snapper De Napoleon. You ve not had this. Reason is that you have not visited us. Keep the name in mind. The great experience is that you would likely meet face to face with Napoleon, the man who created the dish. If you want to know how to make it, come along with your questions.

Snapper De Napoleon is more than a meal. It is a lifestyle!

A large component of this lifestyle is fish, tomatoes and olive oil. This recipe has heart plus more, although healthy, it’s really about the incredible combination of flavors, if you’ve ever been near the Mediterranean sea, this will bring back memories (can you hear the waves crashing on the rocks?).

Feel the pops of sgreen peas that bring in that extra texture that will make your taste buds rock!

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